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Latest News

  Building Presentation Videos

We have added the building presentation as a set of youtube videos on here for those who missed the actual presentation. Please click the Videos link (on the left).

New Pledge Form

A new pledge form has been added to the site. Please visit the Pledge Form link on the left or Click HERE to view it.

Planting Of Greenery (March 20th 2011)

Dear Friends and Supporters of ZACUCE, Here are a few pictures of the fun we had planting flowers at the ZACUCE site today on the eve of Jamshedi Navroze. Wish you all could have joined us in the prayers that were led by Ervad Noshir Karanjia and the planting of the flowers by friends and supporters of ZACUCE.

Presentation at the Oct 24 2010 Gambhar (by Ava Lala)

Zacuce update presentation

Minutes of the meeting held on Jan 10 2010

Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 01/10/2010

Minutes of the meeting held on Feb 3rd 2008

Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 02/03/2008

Minutes of the meeting held on December 9th 2007

Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 12/09/2007

Minutes of the meeting held on October 14th 2007

Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 10/14/2007

Minutes of the meeting held on September 9th 2007

Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 09/09/2007

Minutes of the meeting held on August 5th 2007

Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 08/05/2007

General Body Meeting On June 9th 2007 Members Spoke

We are humble and grateful to our Lord Ahuramazda for his divine guidance to our community. We are pleased to report that at the June 9th extra ordinary general meeting of ZAPANJ members, it was voted to have a Cultural Center by 114 to 35 (76%). Now it is our task to rise up to the challenge and deliver a Cultural Center that we can all be proud of. It is also incumbent upon all of us in the coming days and months to convince those members who voted against the Center to join the majority and make an united effort to make this a success. May Ahuramazda shower his blessings on this community and this worthy effort.

Upcoming General Body Meeting On June 9th 2007

On June 9th 2007 (Saturday), ZAPANJ will be holding a general body meeting for ZAPANJ members to finalize a vote on the Building project.

The meeting will be held at 4.30 PM, in Devon, PA and will be followed by dinner. Details of this meeting can be obtained in the Zacuce Meeting Minutes for 05/06/2007

Results of March 17th Air India Raffle

The Air- India raffle was held on Saturday March 17 and congratulations to the following winners.

First Prize Tkt # 1045 Air_India two tickets to India Dinaz Langrana from New Jersey.

Second prize Tkt# 0504 Seven Nights at Quality Inn & Suites Downtown Harborview San Diego F.Taraporevala from California.

Results of March 4th Survey

There was an open forum discussion meeting regarding the Cultural Center (ZACUCE) on March 4th 2007. The discussions were spirited but civilized. There was an overwhelming support from ZAPANJ community members in favor of the Center. A survey was handed out to all attendees and the results of the survey are summarized under.

Do you support the Community Project?
Yes Not Sure No
45 2 (One leaning Yes) 3

Do You know any major donors who can contribute?
Yes No
6 0

Are you willing to contribute monetarily toward this project?
<$25 $25 $25 - $50 $50 $100 $200 Lump-Sum No
1 7 12 4 6 1 7 10

How do you envision supporting the hall once it's established?
Volunteer Help fundraise Monthly donations
31 17 34

Are You a member of ZAPANJ?
Yes No
46 2

Some comments to our Questions

What would make you contribute more of your time and/or money?
  1. Have a shorter time frame
  2. A plan My children can feel safe and inclusive
  3. Elected Committee
  4. If more people show interest will donate more
  5. Show some tangible results like buy land
What do you feel is our biggest impediment to success?
  1. We should be more inclusive for spouses and children of Zarathushtis married outside the faith
  2. Donations/contributions from members
  3. Convincing members that we can do this with the number of people we have
  4. Viable business plan. Assure that project is economically/financially feasible
What could the committee be doing differently?
  1. Have more fund raising events
  2. Better communication. Email minutes of the ZACUCE meetings to all ZAPANJ
  3. Make the committee more representative/elected committee
  4. Continue to reach out to all members specially priests
  5. Update ZACUCE web-site
Download our brochure for more information (PDF).

Address: c/o Dinaz Italia, 440 Westminster Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033

Billing Address: c/o Adi Kasad, 122 Christine Drive, Downingtown, PA 19335

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